Eco Friendly/Green Products

Environmentally and socially responsible coffee productsWe know it’s important to be Eco-Friendly.  St. Croix Coffee & Tea offer products that are environmentally and socially responsible.  From Greenwave products to Fair Trade and Organic Coffee, we have many options to choose from.  Ask a Coffee Consultant for more information on how to make your business Eco-Friendly.  Click here to request information.

Greenwave Biodegradable Products


Greenwave Biodegradable Products are made of health-friendly, sustainable natural fiber, such as sugarcane, grass and reed plasma. These raw materials grow abundantly in China, giving us a competitive edge without exploiting the environment or disturbing the ecological system. In essence, our product is entirely green. Greenwave is the ideal substitute for Styrofoam, plastic and other polluting substances.

Three major ingredients compose our biodegradable container packaging material: natural fibers (96%), water (2.3%), and a biodegradable compound. Our containers withstand hot and cold food temperatures, unlike traditional rigid packaging. Greenwave products biodegrade in water, soil, and compostable material. These environmentally friendly products were designed to meet today's ecological challenges. Made from sustainable substances, Greenwave products contribute to a healthier planet, and cover a versatile range of designs and formats.

Environmentally friendly food service products


We offer a 100% Fair Trade and Organic line of coffee options with many blends that deliver a great tasting cup of coffee with the added attribute of feeling good about what you are drinking.