Coffee Fundraisers

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Perk up your day!

Guess what time of year is fast approaching?  Fundraisers!   Yes, soon you will be seeing order sheets with various items to purchase that will support activities in your community.   Instead of wrapping paper and frozen foods, why not try coffee.  

This year consider our Percolating Profits Gourmet Coffee Fundraiser.  Our program is set up as a pre-sell program.  This means you only purchase what you sell.   The Coffee is 100% Grade A Arabica beans, roasted in small batches to the highest quality standards.  All our Coffee is roasted to order by our Master Roasters and are 100% guaranteed.   

Coffee bags are customized with your own logo and all the materials needed to sell are provided in advance.     

People drink Coffee ALL YEAR ROUND.  Contact us if you would like more information about our Percolating Profits Fundraiser.

Coffee Fun Fact –   Did you know?   Coffee is the second most sold commodity around the world.  Coffee is second to oil which comes in first place as the most sold commodity around the Globe.



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